You've crash landed on a planet covered in alien miasma. Collect resources, build planes, and launch rockets to blow away the miasma. Find enough power crystals to refuel your ship and take off!

Draw paths for your planes to follow. If you loop a path, the plane will repeat it.

When you've collected a full rocket (100%), tap on the alien miasma to launch a rocket.

Take power crystals back to your home base.

Some resources need to be converted before being delivered to a building that accepts them.



Made for UIGJ2016

Design, Programming, Audio, some art: Steve Taylor (@gostay)

Some icons from, with modifications. Original authors for these icons are Delapouite, Lorc, Faithtoken.

Tiles, planes, and some other source art from


Audio made with bfxr:

Made with the Rat html5 engine


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very cool concept- would love to see it more fleshed out and completed! Very fun game play.

I like that you did this with HTML. I also like how complete the game felt. The pathing for the planes is cool too.